About Underground Fitness

At Underground Fitness, we specialize in helping people reach there fitness goals by means of Group Training Classes and 1-on1 Sessions.

Group Training Classes:
Our Group Training Classes are not designed like your mere standard bootcamp classes. Here at Underground Fitness we raise the bar when it comes to group training and the results that come along with it. Our classes are designed to work specific muscle groups, with separate sessions dedicated to the upper or lower body, as well as core muscles. Regardless of the workout theme, the classes follow a custom blend of body sculpting, muscle strength, and cardio endurance to ensure muscles are built evenly across the entire body.

Our personal training program is one of the most effective out there.Whether you are looking to pack on muscle, get ready for a womens competitive bikini contest, loose weight or just simply get more active, we can and will help you reach your fitness goal.Were soo sure that you will reach your goals that we have a money back guarantee if you are not satisfied.This package includes 2 customized hour sessions per week designed to your specific fitness goals plus unlimited bootcamp classes for free.We also go over extra exercises for you to do the days that you are not training with us.Come drop by to reach your goal now!

Our training equipment includes the following: Barbells, Dumbbells, Sandbags, Kettlebells, and Suspension.Having a wide variety of equipment and exercises keeps your body in constant shock which in turn keeps you from plateauing.We teach you a wide variety of exercises and proper form to go along with all of our pieces of equipment.You will gain soo much knowledge that your friends will be coming to you for exercise guidance.

Stop dreading working out and start seeing why training with us has become the highlight of our members days.